Tom Overton

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Christina Hesselholdt’s newly-translated book, Vivian, turns the late American photographer’s life into a novel

BY Tom Overton | 19 JUN 19

Somewhere between prose poem and novel, the author’s second book channels the polluted landscapes and xenophobic discourse of contemporary Britain

BY Tom Overton | 15 MAR 19

A newly-translated book by Heike Geissler chronicles the life of a warehouse worker

BY Tom Overton | 29 JAN 19

Friends of the late critic have condemned holding a Berger-influenced show at NYU Abu Dhabi, given the region’s human rights abuses

BY Tom Overton | 26 SEP 18

‘The bearing of an aristocrat and the politics of a revolutionary’, Tom Overton pays tribute

BY Tom Overton | 27 FEB 18

A new collection of stories and fragments by Ann Quin casts a new light on an otherwise overlooked writer

BY Tom Overton | 10 JAN 18

Hito Steyerl’s Duty Free Art and A Field Guide to the Snowden Files

BY Tom Overton | 25 OCT 17

Tom Overton reflects on the life of a great storyteller with contributions on his art criticism, broadcasting and fiction

BY Tom Overton | 09 JAN 17