Wong Bing Hao

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At STPI, Singapore, the artist's solo exhibition wryly investigates the systems and structures of power 

BY Wong Bing Hao | 26 APR 21

Sex, myth and history entwine in a display of the artist’s sketches, photographs and ephemera

BY Wong Bing Hao | 17 OCT 19

At Singapore’s Yeo Workshop, the artist unsettles the image of Southeast Asia as a tropical getaway

BY Wong Bing Hao | 05 JUL 19

With the inaugural edition of art fair S.E.A Focus opening in the island city-state, a guide to the best exhibitions around town

BY Wong Bing Hao | 17 JAN 19

A project space in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, invites artists, writers and designers to explore new forms for community building and information-sharing

BY Wong Bing Hao | 06 DEC 18