in Frieze | 28 SEP 18

David Shrigley: ‘Every Conceptual Artist Has to Make at Least One Neon Sign’

A studio visit with the artist to discuss his solo presentation with Stephen Friedman at Frieze London

in Frieze | 28 SEP 18
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Celebrated British artist David Shrigley will be presenting a specially-built installation, including windows, neon signs, animations and newspaper headlines with Stephen Friedman gallery. As the artist says, ‘There's a certain vocabulary that gets used in headlines and in advertising. I quite like the odd, punctuated, slightly doggerel nature of it. It appeals to me on a sort of awkward level of communication.’ 

See David Shrigley's solo installation at Frieze London from 4–7 October 2018.

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Artwork images courtesy of the artist and Stephen Friedman gallery.