Playing ‘Buggy Ball’ with Alake Shilling and LAFC

We speak to Alake Shilling about having fun at the fair with 'Buggy Bear', her signature character which features on artist-designed soccer balls for Frieze Los Angeles 2023

in Frieze Los Angeles , Interviews , Videos | 19 FEB 23
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Los Angeles-based artist Alake Shilling brings her unique artistic practice to the public, working with Art Production Fund to produce the site activation, Buggy Ball, 2023, for Frieze Projects: Now Playing.

Shilling draws inspiration from her childhood obsession with the bright and playful aesthetic of Lisa Frank and after-school craft, as well as from the natural world and disco music. The artist's production results from a slow and reflective process; her characters embody emotions and feelings that reflect the human condition.

Focused on accessibility, Alake transforms her activation site into an access point for Angelenos to enjoy her work and kindle a child-like sense of joy through the game of soccer. The artist's designed soccer ball features one of Shilling's signature images, the bear. In her words, "the bear is cute and simple, making it easy for people to identify with."

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