in Frieze | 28 APR 18

Preview: 'Having Having a Week Together Discussing His Work Is Going to Be Really Fruitful'

Jasmin Tsou of JTT previews a collaboration at the fair with Kayne Griffin Corcoran: a major sculptural statement by Charles Harlan

in Frieze | 28 APR 18
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For Focus at Frieze New York 2018, JTT and Kayne Griffin Corcoran present new sculptures by Charles Harlan. In the center of the booth stands a fiberglass double entry church baptistery, such as those found in the sanctuary of Baptist churches. The design of these structures is based on their function: a person descends down one stair case as a symbol of death and admission, immerses into water as a sign of cleansing, and ascends again on the other side to be born again. In this presentation Harlan upends the ancient spiritual logic of dissension and ascension by placing a large cornerstone of a building in one end of the tub, balancing the baptistery upright. Along the walls are three rectangular structures with large holes cut into the center of them, one made of marble, another of vinyl siding and another of corrugated steel.

Frieze New York 2018 takes place May 4—6, with Preview Days on May 2 and 3. Tickets are available here.