in Frieze | 28 APR 18

Preview: ‘I Think of Them as Fallen Stars’

Hank Willis Thomas outlines his monument to the victims of gun violence, premiering at Frieze New York 2018

in Frieze | 28 APR 18
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Hank Willis Thomas talks about 15,093 and 15,580 (both 2018), which the New York-based artist will present at Frieze New York 2018 as part of the fair's new Live section.

Working with visual emblems of civic engagement, Hank Willis Thomas presents 15,093 and 15,580 (both 2018), embroidered fabric works each recalling the American flag but with stars that number lives lost by gun violence in recent years. As we look at this distorted symbol of America, we are left to ask ourselves who and what the stars represent.

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Frieze New York takes place May 3—6.