in Frieze Seoul | 21 AUG 23

BAEK Heaven: Our Lady Vengeance

A film about remembering another film, often incorrectly.

in Frieze Seoul | 21 AUG 23

BAEK Heaven, Our Lady Vengeance, 2013, single-channel film, 12 min 45 sec. All rights reserved by the artist.

BAEK Heaven focuses on the identities assigned to individuals within the context of society, culture and politics, as well as the principles that construct them. In particular, she questions the macro-level phenomena of social systems that are normalized by media or those at the top of the social hierarchy, and draws attention to the micro-level perspectives through the language and expressions of individuals. Our Lady Vengeance (2013) is based on interviews with residents who visited and discussed the shooting location of Park Chan-wook’s film Lady Vengeance (2005). Due to the time gap between the actual filming of the movie and when the interviews were conducted, people’s memories have been lost or altered. Based on the scenarios derived from their verbal memories, the work becomes a reconfigured narrative that deviates from the original, connecting past and present through a non-linear temporal framework.

Meanwhile, Event Horizon (2019) focuses on the errors of repetition and communication. The characters, each trapped within the frame of five-channel videos, whilst somewhat reflecting on the other characters, continuously assert their own monologue devoid of any response. It simply becomes an exchange words in pursuit of an unattainable unity. It is only when the performers turn to the audience, whilst claiming themselves to be realists through the use of expressions such as “perhaps”, “I am”, “still”, that the moment pauses. For BAEK, a community is something constructed beneath social, cultural, and political ideologies. She infiltrates the gap created by and between the individuals within a group to secure a space for thought that is closer to its essence.

Event Horizon (2019) is only available in person at MOTHER Offline.

About the artist 

BAEK Heaven’s practice investigates how people work, gather and play in various situations or during particular occasions, forming groups and outlining territories. She uses staged reality to finalize her videos and installations to magnify society through its continuum of micro history. and how the mechanism of the system gets involved to form ourselves.