in News | 26 JUL 16


Indian painter SH Raza passes away at 94, and three Lower East Side gallerists unite to establish a new space

in News | 26 JUL 16

SH Raza (1922-2016); courtesy: Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi

  • Indian colour field painter SH Raza has died, aged 94. Vadehra Art Gallery in New Dehli, who Raza had been associated with for over two decades, wrote: ‘We were fortunate to have experienced both aspects of Raza Saab’s personality – his incredible zest for unending work and his warmth and love for people around him.’
  • Jeff Arnal has been appointed executive director of the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, North Carolina, an institution established in 1993 to pay tribute to the innovation of the original Black Mountain College (1933-57). Arnal, who last year founded the cross-disciplinary creative organization Free Range Asheville, will assume the position on 1 August.
  • A number of artists and writers in India have requested further information about the government’s recently proposed ‘cultural grading system’. The proposed scheme, which is part of the country’s continued cultural mapping project, will see practitioners organized into three categories: outstanding, promising and waiting.

S.H Raza, Pyaas, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 1 x 1 m. Courtesy: Grosvenor Gallery, London, and Vadehra Art Gallery, New Dehli

  • Shanghai Project, a new biennial organized by Yongwoo Lee andHans-Ulrich Obrist and that was scheduled to open at the Himalayas Museum in September, has been redefined as a community-based event. The change has been made amidst reports of disorganization and a lack of funding.
  • Wanda Nanibush, a Toronto-based curator and activist, has been named as the Art Gallery of Ontario’s first ever curator of indigenous art. Nanibush, who recently organized ‘The Fifth World’ to mark the 20th anniversary of Tribe, an artist-run centre for aboriginal art in Saskatoon, is Anishinabe from the Beausoleil First Nation near Penetanguishene,
  • The former directors of three Lower East Side galleries have united to establish Yours Mine & Ours, a new space that will open at 54 Eldridge Street in September. The new gallery will be co-directed by Patton Hindle, currently a director at Artspace and former director of Dodge Gallery; Courtney Childress, former director of both Bushwick’s Life on Mars and On Stellar Rays; and RJ Supa, who was co-owner and director of Louis B. James before it closed its doors last Sunday after five years.