in Frieze | 22 JUN 17

Celebrating Pattern in London's Architecture

Frieze collaborates with Tate Britain, National Gallery, RCA, Sketch Gallery, Studio Wayne McGregor and ICA on the 2017 marketing campaign

in Frieze | 22 JUN 17

From contemporary concepts to Renaissance painting, we have worked with important cultural institutions to create the campaigns for Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2017. Showcasing striking design and beautiful floors around London, photography is by Luke Hayes with Art Direction by Amy Preston.

Frieze London

Floor, Sketch Gallery, by Martin Creed, Work No. 1347. Photography: Luke Hayes

Floor, Tate Britain, designed by Caruso St John. Photography: Luke Hayes

Floor, Royal College of Art, designed by Christopher Tipping, 1987. Photography: Luke Hayes

Floor, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, designed by Jennie Moncur. Photography: Luke Hayes

Floor at Studio Wayne McGregor, by Anni Albers, We Not I and Wayne McGregor with kind permission from The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Camino Real. Photography: We Not I

Frieze Masters

Lorenzo Monaco, Adoring Saints - Left Main Tier Panel (detail), 1407-9, The National Gallery, London 

After Hugo van der Goes, The Death of the Virgin (detail), probably after 1500, The National Gallery, London. 

Master of Liesborn, The Presentation in the Temple (detail), probably 1470-80, The National Gallery, London

Master of Cappenberg Jan Baegert, The Coronation of the Virgin (detail) about 1520, The National Gallery, London