BY Amanda Lepore in Frieze | 22 SEP 23
Featured in
Issue 237

Frieze DJ in Residence: Amanda Lepore

The performer shares her soundtrack to preparing for a night out

BY Amanda Lepore in Frieze | 22 SEP 23

For your listening (and dancing) pleasure: a playlist for frieze issue 237 by model, singer and performance artist Amanda Lepore, featuring a curated selection of her favourite songs.   

Lepore’s playlist is an excellent blend of delicious pop music and vibrant reggaeton. It contains songs that evoke the excitement of getting ready in a dressing room and the anticipation of a club performance. Lepore’s song choices encourage listeners to put on their best look and confidently embrace the night. 

Sean Burns’s column on David LaChapelle’s 2007 portrait of Lepore is now live on our website.

Main image: Amanda Lepore performs at the August Getty 305 cocktail party, 2016. Courtesy: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images 

Amanda Lepore is an American model, singer and performance artist.