Frieze DJ in Residence

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The artist curates a party playlist that captures Times Bar's dynamic atmosphere

BY Max Pitegoff |

The performer shares her soundtrack to preparing for a night out

BY Amanda Lepore |

The artist curates a party playlist of her go-to body movers to accompany a night of dancefloor hopping

BY Zahra Bundakji |

The DJ and writer shares a selection of his favourite electronic music tracks that help him contemplate the ‘slipperiness of time’

BY Paul Purgas |

‘It Was A Dream’: the artist shares a selection of her favourite tracks


The writer presents a playlist which captures Kate Bush's digital psychedelia

BY Brian Dillon |

The artist reveals the tracks behind the creation of his upcoming exhibition at the MoMA

BY Wolfgang Tillmans |

The artist selects tracks from his past, present and future works

BY Tony Cokes |