BY Zahra Bundakji in Frieze | 31 JUL 23

Frieze DJ in Residence: Zahra Bundakji

The artist curates a party playlist of her go-to body movers to accompany a night of dancefloor hopping

BY Zahra Bundakji in Frieze | 31 JUL 23

For your listening (and dancing) pleasure: a playlist curated for issue 236 of frieze magazine by artist Zahra Bundakji, featuring a selection of her current go-to body movers. 

The artist describes this collection as an homage to the nights at 'Chateau Kebab', a shawarma spot you would stop at to recharge and refuel between parties; then we're off again – party-hopping between dancefloors, soaking in different genres, and meeting new people.  

The playlist opens with some Arabic music classics and the kind of iconic tracks you would hear at a wedding or a Tagg party (read 'Enter the Hidden Discos of the Arab World' to find out more). It comprises an eclectic mix of indie, synth wave, and some rock. So, if you have the energy, this playlist will keep you on your feet all night long before winding down into deep ambient dancefloor feelers. 

Main image: Zahra Bundakji, ‘The Voice of Listening’, 2022, installation view. Courtesy: the artist; photograph: Noor Riyadh

Zahra Bundakji is a multidisciplinary artist and independent curator.