Brian Dillon

Brian Dillon is a writer. His latest book Affinities: On Art and Fascination will be published in spring 2023 by the New York Review of Books and Fitzcarraldo Editions, London. He is working on a book about Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love.

On the centenary of the photographer’s birth, an outtake of his iconic portrait of William Casby, a self-conscious image captured alongside five generations of his family

BY Brian Dillon | 09 JUN 23

The writer presents a playlist which captures Kate Bush's digital psychedelia

BY Brian Dillon | 04 OCT 22

Brian Dillon on the 40th anniversary of the singer’s lesser-known record, The Dreaming

BY Brian Dillon | 28 SEP 22

Brian Dillon on the television programme’s museum of images and memories 

BY Brian Dillon | 11 MAY 21

The artist’s first novel proceeds by image and incantation rather than much in the way of explicit plot

BY Brian Dillon | 10 SEP 20

From enfant terrible of British ballet to a retrospective at the Barbican Gallery, how the choreographer and performer found a home in the contemporary art world 

BY Brian Dillon | 06 AUG 20

‘There is pain and suffering in these pictures, but also pure possibility’

BY Brian Dillon | 19 JUN 20

Learning to survive a jittering feed of survivalist pro tips and transhumanist dreck

BY Brian Dillon | 12 FEB 20

The writer’s ‘immoderate’, genre-crossing style set the tone for the biggest literary trend in recent years

BY Brian Dillon | 05 DEC 19

In ‘Coventry’, events seem to happen to somebody else, to a person Cusk repeatedly exposes and judges

BY Brian Dillon | 20 AUG 19

‘It’s the way he talks about his own death that amazed then and impresses today’

BY Brian Dillon | 08 JAN 19

Found first in the pages of NME, an homage to the critic who brought an antic traduction of high French theory to the study of contemporary pop

BY Brian Dillon | 18 AUG 18

The Wooster Group’s adaption of the infamous, hot-tempered event reminds us just how brilliant Germaine Greer used to be

BY Brian Dillon | 22 JUN 18

Revision and revolt in the work of Nairy Baghramian

BY Brian Dillon | 07 SEP 17

Author and poet Susan Stewart's new book shows her abiding concern with lyric

BY Brian Dillon | 10 FEB 17

Tate Modern, London, UK

BY Brian Dillon | 02 FEB 17

From Michael Gove to Mary Hurrell to Orange is The New Black, the year in review

BY Brian Dillon | 12 DEC 16

Marian Goodman Gallery, London, UK

BY Brian Dillon | 08 JUL 16

In her prints, paintings, photographs and videos, Andrea Büttner explores poverty, community and her philosophy of 'little works'

BY Brian Dillon | 05 JUL 16

Personal, vexing, intimate and profound: some reflections on Brexit

BY Brian Dillon | 24 JUN 16