Frieze Projects: Installations by International Artists at Frieze Los Angeles 2022

Artists including Beatriz Cortez, Olivia Erlanger and Glenn Kaino will present large-scale interventions around the fair

in Frieze Los Angeles , News | 09 FEB 22

Frieze Projects will feature a number of large-scale multi-disciplinary works in and around Frieze Los Angeles 2022.

This year’s selection explores issues including the nature and history of protest, the substructures that support the architecture of the city, as well as the relationship between materiality and history. 

Participating artists include: Alma Allen, Mel Bochner, Beatriz Cortez, Olivia Erlanger, Hannah Greely, Glenn Kaino, Woody De Othello, and Isabel Yellin.

About the Artworks

Alma Allen (b. 1970, Heber City, UT)

Not Yet Titled (2021)

Presented by Blum & Poe 

Allen's latest work  is carved from a single block of white marble. The form – smooth, straightforward, and compulsively expressive – belies its labor-intensive making. Allen's work is a distillation of diverse organic references, which simultaneously invite and resist classification.

Mel Bochner

Street Sign (Seriously?) (2022)

Presented by Marc Selwyn Fine Art

Street Sign (Seriously?) will greet motorists and pedestrians traveling northbound on Merv Griffin Way in Beverly Hills adjacent to the Frieze Los Angeles. The work will appear to have been coopted by an unknown saboteur as it displays ironic and provocative phrases, in an unexpected disruption to everyday life for passersby.

Beatriz Cortez (b. El Salvador, 1970)

Ilopango, Stela B, 536-2022 (2022)  

Presented by Commonwealth and Council  

Depicting an ancient carved stone – or a Mayan stela from Mesoamerica – this work has the marks of a labor intensive process carried out by immigrants from El Salvador in the city of Los Angeles, in order to return industrial steel back to the earth from where it was extracted, becoming organic stone once more. 

Woody De Othello (b. 1991, Miami, FL) 

Fountain (2021)

Presented by Karma, New York and Jessica Silverman Gallery 

Fountain (2021) features water spouts and tap handles, twisted and knotted into a non-functional object that dwarfs the viewer in scale. While the reference object channels a thin stream of water, Othello’s colossal sculpture implies the bodily threat of a menacing burst.

Olivia Erlanger (b. 1990, New York, NY)

Parallel Object (2022)

Presented by Soft Opening 

A large-scale serpent tongue undulates across the ground, extending the artist’s interest in cthonic symbols. In interjecting the monstrous and uncanny into the landscape, the work examines the fantasy-illusion of the American suburb as prototypically aspirational. 

Hannah Greely (b. 1979 in Dickson, TN, lives and works in Los Angeles, CA) 

Rascal (1999/2021)

Presented by Parker Gallery

Rascal depicts a dog with about a dozen winding legs and paws, supporting on its back two tiny, flat people. The swerving sense of scale and volume between the creatures invites a light-hearted absurdity, and the endless legs delicately balance familiarity with worrisome unease. 

Glenn Kaino (b. 1972 in Los Angeles, CA, lives and works in Los Angeles, CA)

Revolutions (2021)

Presented by PACE

Revolutions is a monumental sculpture and instrument inspired by the connection between global protests from all around the world. Each metal bar is tuned to play a specific musical note when hit with a baton. Struck in sequence, the bars play the melody from U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday. The sculpture conjures the intimidating structures of political suppression and border divisions, transformed by Kaino from a barrier into an instrument, one that gives voice rather than suppresses it. 

Isabel Yellin (b. 1987, New York, NY) 

The Pillar of the Intangible (2022)  

Supported by LAND  

Working to articulate the internal psychological dialogue we all face, especially in such fiercely polarized and tenuous times, Yellin bases her works on an in depth research into the psyche – notions of contamination, paranoia, fear, love, desire are all bases for her forms.

About Frieze Projects

Frieze Projects is an anchor program of Frieze Los Angeles and brings together a compelling program of artists and initiatives within the fair and its surroundings. Other highlights for 2022 include BIPOC Exchange, a social impact initiative curated by Tanya Aguiñiga.



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Image at top of page: Glenn Kaino, "In the Light of a Shadow" installation view, 2020. Courtesy of the artist and MASS MoCA. © Glenn Kaino, Photography by Glenn Kaino Studio