BY Julien Ceccaldi in Opinion | 30 OCT 20
Featured in
Issue 215

Julien Ceccaldi’s ‘Repulsive Dog’

The artist creates a new, specially commissioned comic on the perils of looking good

BY Julien Ceccaldi in Opinion | 30 OCT 20

Julien Ceccaldi, Repulsive Dog, 2020, specially commissioned by frieze. Courtesy: the artist

This article first appeared in frieze issue 215 with the headline ‘Camouflage: Dressing up in a specially commissioned comic by Julien Ceccaldi’.

Julien Ceccaldi is an artist and author of self-published comic books. In 2021, he will have a solo exhibition at House of Gaga, Mexico City, Mexico, and his work will be included in a group show at Le Consortium, Dijon, France. He lives in New York, USA.