in Frieze | 07 FEB 19

Life Size by Mark Bradford

A limited-edition print to benefit Art for Justice

in Frieze | 07 FEB 19

Mark Bradford, Life Size, 2019. Courtesy of the artist

For the inaugural edition of Frieze Los Angeles, artist Mark Bradford has created a limited-edition print entitled Life Size, featuring an image of a police body camera isolated on a light-colored background.  All proceeds from the sale of the edition will go directly to the Art for Justice Fund, to be invested in campaigns to support greater career opportunities for people who are transitioning back home from prison. Bradford is the first artist since the Fund’s establishment to directly support Art for Justice with proceeds from the sale of their own artwork.

“I’m always interested in found objects and how context can give meaning,” said Bradford. “The police body camera carries with it such loaded and complex connotations.  I also love it as an object—it’s both haunting and resonant.”

“I admire Mark as both an artist and a humanitarian. His work helps us confront our own biases by exposing the false narratives around race and poverty. In doing this, he enables us to see one another with more compassion and empathy,” said Fund founder Agnes Gund. “I’m honored by his gift, which will accelerate our artists and advocates’ efforts to create communities that welcome people back home to fewer barriers and to more employment opportunities.” 

As part of a partnership between the artist, Endeavor, Hauser & Wirth and Frieze Los Angeles, this powerful image will also be presented on posters around Los Angeles, and a large-scale billboard on location at Frieze Los Angeles in Paramount Pictures Studios.

For more information on the limited-edition print, please contact Hauser & Wirth at +1 212 790 3900 or