BY Omar Kholeif | 01 MAY 17

Looking Forward: Omar Kholeif

Leading curators select some stand-out presentations at Frieze New York 2017

BY Omar Kholeif | 01 MAY 17 in Looking Forward: Omar Kholeif

Manisha Parekh, Tangled Foot 1, 2016, watercolour, 38 x 28cm. Courtesy: Jhaveri Contemporary
Tejal Shah, Lucid Dreaming V, 2013, collage and digital prints on archival paper, 33 x 21cm. Courtesy: the artist and Project 88, Mumbai
Farhard Moshiri, BB (detail), 2014, acrylic and bead on canvas, 147 × 122 cm Courtesy: the artist & The Third Line, Dubai 
Portia Zvavahera, Embraced and Protected in You, 2016 Oil-based printing ink and oil bar on canvas, 210 x 400cm. Courtesy: the artist and Stevenson
Etel Adnan, Voyageur, 2016, handwoven tapestry, 137 × 192 cm. Courtesy: the artist and Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Hamburg/Beirut 

As the art world becomes more and more global, so has the work on view at art fairs. For me, one of the main reasons for visiting fairs like Frieze New York is to discover what the smaller to medium size galleries from outside the West are showing. This year I am particularly excited about a presentation of inter-generational female artists from South and Southeast Asia at Jhaveri Contemporary, and especially the work of Mrinalini Mukherjee, whose incredible fabric sculptures I encountered last year in a beautifully curated show by fashion designer Duro Olowu at London’s Camden Arts Centre. I am also keenly anticipating the beautiful collages of Tejal Shah at Project 88, which promise a sensual tour of the natural environment. That gallery is one I always keep a close eye on, as are The Third Line from Dubai and Stevenson Gallery from South Africa. I’ll be sure to take in their respective presentations of Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri and a survey of South African painting. Finally, the Hamburg- and Beirut-based Sfeir-Semler Gallery, with a particular strength in artists from the Middle East, is also a must on my itinerary. 

 Tickets for Frieze New York 2017 are available hereMain image: Tejal Shah, Lucid Dreaming V (detail), 2013, collage and digital prints on archival paper, 33 x 21cm. Courtesy: the artist and Project 88, Mumbai

Omar Kholeif is Manilow Senior Curator, Museum of Cotemporary Art Chicago