in Frieze Week Magazine | 02 SEP 16
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Telling Tales - Constructivist Moscow

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in Frieze Week Magazine | 02 SEP 16

Malevich's porcelain

Sophia Contemporary Gallery, G4

Kazimir Malevich (design) & AN Kudryavtsev (painting), Dynamic Composition, 1923, porcelain with glaze, 24 cm diameter

One of the only three known surviving plates created by the legendary Kazimir Malevich, this example is one of the finest examples of Suprematist composition for decorative arts. It dates from the year the Imperial porcelain Factory became the State Porcelain Factory; some of the items painted by Malevich’s suprematist colleagues there were blanks manufactured for the Tsar and his family. With its energetic composition and vibrant colour, it is a symbol of the Suprematist movement’s profound commitment to transforming everyday life.