Vote for your Favorite Environmental Initiative with Pinwheel

For this year's edition of Frieze Los Angeles, Frieze will raise awareness and pledge funds for a series of environmental initiatives

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Launching alongside Frieze Los Angeles 2023, a new initiative in collaboration with Pinwheel will ask visitors to the fairs and, to vote for the organisations they would like to receive Frieze’s support. Visitors will also have the opportunity to contribute to their chosen charity themselves, with Frieze pledging to match-fund visitors’ contributions.  

The organisations selected to be a part of the launch include: 

Kelp restoration in Santa Monica Bay with The Bay Foundation

The kelp forest ecosystems off the southern California coast are known to be some of the most diverse and productive ecosystems in the world. They are vital for providing habitat and food for over 700 marine species and protect neighbouring coastlines from erosion and pull in carbon dioxide from the ocean as they grow. Globally, kelp forests have been lost to sea urchins, which in great numbers consume and prevent the recovery of kelps. The Bay Foundation restores these kelp forests with teams of SCUBA divers. Kelp forests that have been lost for decades return to health within months of their efforts. Restoring kelp forests feeds humanity, provides for wildlife, and counters climate change.

Kelp Restoration at Santa Monica Bay with The Bay Foundation
Kelp Restoration at Santa Monica Bay with The Bay Foundation

Forest conservation for biodiversity and climate with Art into Acres

This project supports the conservation of 53,375 acres (21,600 hectares) of old-growth forest. The biodiverse landscape is a migration corridor and home to the Mountain tapir, Spectacled Bear, Bush Dog, Mountain Paca and Stumped Tailed Porcupine. In collaboration with Art to Acres, the funds raised will support local communities in conserving the lands on which they have historically lived. Art to Acres is an artist-founded, non-profit environmental initiative that partners with the cultural community for intersectional conversation and large-scale land conservation support. To date, the initiative has supported 32 million acres of new locally-led permanent protected areas and 814,203,000 tonnes of protected underground carbon.

Forest conservation for biodiversity and climate
Forest conservation for biodiversity and climate

Renewable cooking equipment in India with FairClimateFund

Cooking on biogas is better for health, climate and the environment and saves households time and money. This project gives households in rural India access to 100% renewable energy for cooking. The project is Fairtrade and Gold Standard certified, ensuring that a fair, minimum income is generated for the families it supports.


Cast Your Vote

Together, Frieze and Pinwheel aim to bring together artists, audiences and organisations across the non-profit and private sectors to grow and deepen support for meaningful planet repair. 

More information on Pinwheel can be found on their website.


An annual highlight of the fair, Frieze Projects is an anchor program of Frieze Los Angeles and brings together a compelling program of artists and initiatives.

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Main image: Kelp Restoration at Santa Monica Bay with The Bay Foundation