Andrew Hultkrans

Andrew Hultkrans is a writer based in New York, USA. He is the author of Forever Changes (Bloomsbury, 2003).

Lévy Gorvy, New York, USA

BY Andrew Hultkrans | 31 JAN 18

A new album by theatre group Object Collection warns against political nostalgia 

BY Andrew Hultkrans | 23 APR 17

Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York, USA

BY Andrew Hultkrans | 22 DEC 16

For the fourth instalment of our US election series, tracing Trump’s nativist paranoia back to the founding of the USA

BY Andrew Hultkrans | 20 OCT 16

What do you call musicians who write about themselves? Common, apparently

BY Andrew Hultkrans | 13 FEB 16

On the occasion of ‘I ♥ John Giorno’ in Paris, an interview with John Giorno about poetry, art and radicalism

BY Andrew Hultkrans | 16 DEC 15

From deep soul explorations of topical subjects and the plight of the poor to musing reflectively on art, life, God and outer space

BY Andrew Hultkrans | 17 DEC 14

Did Philip K. Dick predict the future of surveillance?

BY Andrew Hultkrans | 12 MAR 14

How Western pop music is being used as ‘touchless torture’ by the American military

BY Andrew Hultkrans | 01 NOV 08