Babeworld is led by Ash Williams and Ingrid Banerjee Marvin, with associate artists Gabriella Davies and Caitlin Chase. Babeworld seeks to promote greater representation in the art world for marginalized voices through art-making, fundraising, grants and events facilitation. With an emphasis on collaboration and co-creation, Babeworld’s practice focuses on themes of political and societal identity, specifically disability/access, neurodivergence, sex work and race. Its interactions with the communities it creates and infiltrates consist of oversharing (otherwise known as attention-seeking) on the internet and at events – and you best believe its members would overshare at a round table, and probably also cry. Babeworld is committed to bringing its ideas and networks to institutions and organizations in the art world – whether they want to hear them or not.

As ‘Decriminalised Futures’ opens at London’s ICA, members of Babeworld draw on their own experiences to examine the parallels and ethics of organisations working with artist/sex workers

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