Dominikus Müller

Dominikus Müller is a freelance writer based in Berlin.

Can we compare our current political moment to the tumultuous 1930s?

BY Dominikus Müller | 22 APR 17

On the counter-cultural icon Hubert Fichte, founder of German-language Pop literature

BY Dominikus Müller | 25 AUG 16

What's behind the outcry againt Chris Dercon's appointment at the Volksbühne? A roundtable with theatre critics Eva Behrendt and Tobi Müller

A conversation with theatre director Milo Rau about responsibility, empathy and 'meta-slavery'

BY Dominikus Müller | 02 JUN 16

The editor of frieze d/e selects his picks of the current shows in the city

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A changing map of the city’s gallery scene

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What the proposed closure of Museum Morsbroich tells us about cultural debate in Germany

BY Dominikus Müller | 13 APR 16

A fire last weekend may spell the end for this legendary Hamburg venue

BY Dominikus Müller | 19 FEB 16

A new book by Navid Kermani tracing a migration route into Europe but in reverse

BY Dominikus Müller | 17 FEB 16

What Milo Rau’s new play tells us about our current ‘humanitarian’ European identity

BY Dominikus Müller | 15 FEB 16

Form and functionlessness

BY Dominikus Müller | 08 NOV 15

The musical pioneer Hans-Joachim Roedelius on his search for inner harmony

BY Dominikus Müller | 20 AUG 15

A look back at the extraordinary work of Michael Buthe

BY Dominikus Müller | 18 AUG 15

Public art in Germany has a long and fraught history. What is its place today?

BY Dominikus Müller | 28 MAY 15