Ella Fleck

Ella Fleck is a writer, curator based in London, UK. She is co-founder of 650mAh a project space located in MIST Vape Shop in Hove, UK

In an exhibition organized by Studio Voltaire, the artist’s work grows at a pace with which galleries today are often unfamiliar

BY Ella Fleck | 30 MAR 20

The paintings and woodcuts at Tokyo’s Taka Ishii Gallery miss something in their nostalgia for an older vision of image-making

BY Ella Fleck | 05 MAR 20

The non-profit educational foundation re-released it’s ‘TEACH MASTURBATION’ badges

BY Ella Fleck | 18 JUL 19

Habbo is a paradise, real people play on it

BY Ella Fleck | 20 JUN 19