Eloise Hendy

Eloise Hendy is a poet and writer living in London. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Ambit, The Tangerine, Emotional Art Magazine and The Stinging Fly among others, and she was recently shortlisted for The White Review’s ‘Poet’s Prize 2018’

Eloise Hendy interrogates the complexities of merciless mother-daughter bonds in the author's latest book Is Mother Dead 

BY Eloise Hendy | 26 OCT 22

The UK-based writer's book This Dark Country: Women Artists, Still Life and Intimacy in the Early Twentieth Century (2021) shines a light on the ways women artists have defined their lives on their own terms

BY Eloise Hendy | 17 SEP 21

Have the feminist politics of maximalist pattern and craft now been co-opted by neoliberals?

BY Eloise Hendy | 02 DEC 19

Three new novels – by Annie Ernaux, Vigdis Hjorth and Ocean Vuong – attempt to salvage something from painful intimate memories

BY Eloise Hendy | 10 SEP 19