Göksu Kunak

A report from the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts which celebrates it's 60th anniversary this year.

BY Göksu Kunak | 26 SEP 13

Last Saturday, a demonstration on immigration took place in front of the Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien in Berlin. A woman on stage cried while recounting the hard conditions of a refugee neighbour. A man was endeavouring to calm her down: ‘don’t cry, be strong sister, I’m here for you.’ Even if the EU controls freedom of movement – one need only summon the long and suffocating visa procedures – authorities still gave permission for the demonstration to take place. This scene called to mind the vigorous, beautiful protestors in Turkey who have been striving – and being physically assaulted – in the pursuit of another freedom: the freedom of speech.

BY Göksu Kunak | 21 JUN 13

Galerie Tanja Wagner

BY Göksu Kunak | 20 OCT 12