Gilda Williams

Gilda Williams is an art critic and senior lecturer at Goldsmiths, London, UK. She is the author of How to Write about Contemporary Art (2014); her most recent publication is the reader On and By Andy Warhol (2016).

This mini-retrospective makes a compelling case for the ongoing relevance of the 20th century’s most ubiquitous artist

BY Gilda Williams | 13 MAR 20

Gilda Williams pays tribute to the American painter, ‘an artist exalting in unruly triumph’

BY Gilda Williams | 19 JUN 19

‘Purifoy conjured life from practically nothing: ten pairs of used trousers, discarded trainers, a few spare planks’

BY Gilda Williams | 23 JAN 19

Everybody’s favourite underpaid, over-educated, raven-haired art critic, Rhonda Lieberman, is as relevant as ever

BY Gilda Williams | 15 MAY 18

Gilda Williams visits the first edition of the ARoS Triennial in Aarhus, Denmark

BY Gilda Williams | 16 JUN 17

A report from the 2016 edition of the Serpentine Gallery’s Miracle Marathon

BY Gilda Williams | 12 OCT 16

On Hal Foster's Bad New Days: Art Critcism Emergency

BY Gilda Williams | 13 NOV 15