Jack McGrath

Jack McGrath is an art historian based in New York, USA. 

Whether pairing the two inspires consternation or praise depends largely on how we conceive of the purpose of the Museum itself

BY Jack McGrath | 18 OCT 19

Shamefully, the artist was not awarded a solo show in the art-world capital until six years after his death

BY Jack McGrath | 01 AUG 19

A timely documentary about the backslide into dictatorship reveals some uncomfortable home truths in the US

BY Jack McGrath | 15 JUL 19

An exhibition at Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, examines Johns’s recent paintings and how the artist’s intentions remain steadfastly encrypted

BY Jack McGrath | 25 APR 19

At the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., Lynne Cooke's debut exhibition turns the spotlight on so-called 'outsider' artists

BY Jack McGrath | 02 MAY 18

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, USA

BY Jack McGrath | 15 DEC 17

The Jewish Museum, New York, USA

BY Jack McGrath | 12 SEP 17