Jan Verwoert

Jan Verwoert is a writer and contributing editor of frieze. He is based in Oslo, Norway. Cookie! (2014), a selection of his writings, is published by Sternberg Press.

‘The people from whom I learn most are enthusiasts, who take my soul to places I never knew existed.’

BY Jan Verwoert | 14 JAN 19

Jan Verwoert considers the history of Manifesta, European politics and whether an art exhibition can unlock the historical potential of a place

BY Jan Verwoert | 17 APR 18

Jan Verwoert pays homage to Robert Linsley – a brilliant thinker, passionate painter and, moreover, a generous person

BY Jan Verwoert | 22 FEB 17

Jan Verwoert on friction between the creative worker and the local boardroom

BY Jan Verwoert | 23 AUG 16

On mimesis, art and alchemy

BY Jan Verwoert | 21 AUG 15

Calling capital’s bluff

BY Jan Verwoert | 14 NOV 14

The artist’s studio as a clue to decoding her work? Four decades of Hanne Darboven’s conceptual art and artefacts from her house in Hamburg are exhibited together for the first time

BY Jan Verwoert | 31 MAY 14

Do we live in an age of panicky materialism?

BY Jan Verwoert | 30 NOV 13

On the occasion of his retrospective in Karlsruhe, Werner Büttner talks to Jan Verwoert and Jörg Heiser about polemics and punchlines in more than three decades of work

BY Jan Verwoert | 23 MAY 13

Meaning, memory and mockery

BY Jan Verwoert | 01 JAN 13

How does Édouard Glissant’s demand for opacity translate into art? Jan Verwoert explores opacity as a model for open communication – and outlines a history, which runs from Lygia Clark’s sculptures to Trisha Donnelly’s enigmatic films

BY Jan Verwoert | 05 NOV 12

Is the art world too exclusive?

BY Jan Verwoert | 08 AUG 12

On soft facts, hard eggs and sweet lies

BY Jan Verwoert | 30 MAY 12

Spirits, objecthood and the ‘Black Forest voodoo’ of Geoffrey Farmer’s mirages and micro-events

BY Jan Verwoert | 01 MAY 12

On the value of nursing, education and culture

BY Jan Verwoert | 28 FEB 12

Mixing poetry with pop songs, Karl Holmqvist has created a brand-new medium: the drag-performance

BY Jan Verwoert | 27 FEB 12

Advocate or Informer? Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

BY Jan Verwoert | 01 JAN 12

On the power of metaphors to bring about change

BY Jan Verwoert | 10 AUG 11

The strange persistence of class difference in art

BY Jan Verwoert | 28 APR 11