John Menick

John Menick is an artist and writer living in New York, US.

At Thomas Dane Gallery, London, the artist explores how class domination is maintained through the conservation of objects

BY John Menick | 06 JUN 22

Remi Weekes transposes the classic haunted house genre to a mouldering council flat inhabited by South Sudanese refugees

BY John Menick | 26 NOV 20

The new Netflix documentary is a distraction from the drive to regulate tech companies, including Netflix itself

BY John Menick | 29 OCT 20

The first blockbuster to return to theatres demonstrates Hollywood’s eagerness to ‘exploit bodily presence for profit’ during the pandemic


BY John Menick | 03 SEP 20

In decontextualizing the former Vice President from geo-political circumstance, Adam McKay’s film threatens to add gloss to Cheney’s reputation

BY John Menick | 07 JAN 19

Man vs. machine

BY John Menick | 12 MAR 14

Sigmund Freud goes to the movies

BY John Menick | 01 JUN 11