Masha Tupitsyn

Masha Tupitsyn is a writer and multi-media artist based in New York, USA. Her new book, Picture Cycle, is forthcoming from Semiotext(e) in Fall 2019.

Once labelled a ‘TV terrorist’, the video artist returns with her first posthumous retrospective at Red Bull Arts New York

BY Masha Tupitsyn | 26 MAR 19

In the age of #MeToo, does the recent proliferation of films and TV shows about serial murderers hint at a troubling resurgence of sociopathic masculinity?

BY Masha Tupitsyn | 11 FEB 19

Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma is full of other movies, yet it ignores the political and dialectical history of movies themselves

BY Masha Tupitsyn | 15 JAN 19