Nathan Geyer

Nathan Geyer is a freelance writer based in London.

The first ENTOPIA release showcases the music of Kuro,a film by experimental pop musician Tujiko Noriko and graphic artist Joji Koyama

BY Nathan Geyer | 02 MAY 19

From Matmos to Grimes, a new wave of music is critically engaging with environmental politics – but what does it sound like?

BY Nathan Geyer | 22 APR 19

Looking back at the intimate musical language of Luc Ferrari (1929-2005), who employed cinematic methods in the service of quotidian storytelling

BY Nathan Geyer | 06 FEB 19

Artist Jonas Lund has created a Cambridge Analytica caricature, ‘Operation Earnest Voice’, with one simple mission – but how serious is his ‘leftist fake news generator’?

BY Nathan Geyer | 15 JAN 19

Sublime terror in a time of ecological crisis: a report from London Contemporary Music Festival

BY Nathan Geyer | 04 JAN 19

Screening as part of the London Palestine Film Festival, recent archival research is uncovering important films once thought lost forever

BY Nathan Geyer | 28 NOV 18