Olivia Rodrigues

Olivia Rodrigues is a comedian and writer based in New York.

The rising star’s stand-up special My Favorite Shapes and show Los Espookys, both on HBO, filter the politics of immigration through magical realism

BY Olivia Rodrigues | 16 AUG 19

Wesselmann’s sculpture attempted ‘to pick up a drawing by its lines and carry it’ into the world

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US comedian Tim Robinson is changing comedy – a few minutes at a time

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At the American Museum of Natural History, the T. Rex is a resurrecting showman

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Is 2018 the year that we abandon an outdated form of stand-up comedy?

BY Olivia Rodrigues | 29 DEC 18

An exhibition at Greene Naftali, New York, sees the artist prod at our ideas of ease, humour and convenience

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The beloved angst-ridden musician makes a lively turn with her new album, Be the Cowboy

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