Philip Brophy

Philip Brophy is a writer based in Melbourne, Australia.

The mural depicts a dystopian Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics

BY Philip Brophy | 16 JUL 19

A recent show traces the creative legacies of an artist and an architect who helped shape Japan’s futurist aspirations

BY Philip Brophy | 26 JUL 17

An image of the sole survivor tree after the 2011 tsunami in Japan 

BY Philip Brophy | 22 APR 17

Various venues, Fukushima & Watari Museum, Tokyo, Japan

BY Philip Brophy | 21 OCT 15

Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

BY Philip Brophy | 15 DEC 14

The most embarrassing moment in Peter Carey’s memoir Wrong About Japan (2005) has to be when he naively queries a master sword maker about the ethics of conferring sublime artistry in the crafting of an instrument of death. Carey mangles it in great fashion, though I’m certain many readers would feel he struck a bold intervention into Japan’s supposed disregard of post-war ethics. I had forgotten about Wrong About Japan until the release of Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises (2013).

BY Philip Brophy | 09 MAY 14

After the tsunami: the role of disaster in Japan’s artistic psyche

BY Philip Brophy AND Kyoji Maeda | 01 JAN 11