Phoebe Blatton

Phoebe Blatton is a writer based in Berlin, Germany, and London, UK. She is the editor of The Coelacanth Press, which reissued Brigid Brophy's 1956 novel, The King of a Rainy Country, in 2012. She also publishes The Coelacanth Journal.

At Display, Prague, the Brazilian artist questions the insidious mechanisms that govern women’s reproductive health

BY Phoebe Blatton | 29 MAY 19

Queer cringe at the BBC and other diversity dilemmas

BY Phoebe Blatton | 31 AUG 17

In our regular series focusing on a single work by an artist, Phoebe Blatton considers Donna Huddleston's monumental new drawing

BY Phoebe Blatton | 13 FEB 16