Sam Korman

Sam Korman is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, New York.

Highlights from the first edition of Condo New York, a collaborative exhibition by 36 galleries across 16 city-wide locations

BY Sam Korman | 04 JUL 17

Callicoon Fine Arts and New Museum, New York, USA 


BY Sam Korman | 28 APR 17

In part two of our special series, Sam Korman argues why the educational responsibility of museums resonates with election issues around race

BY Sam Korman | 13 OCT 16

Frozen margaritas and other investments in foolishness

BY Sam Korman | 14 AUG 16

Coney Island and Silicon Valley

BY Sam Korman | 11 AUG 16

The precarity of the Minor League Baseball player ... and writers

BY Sam Korman | 09 AUG 16

The Kitchen, New York, USA

BY Sam Korman | 12 APR 16