Digital Event - The Modern Institute: ‘let me count the ways' Virtual Performance

Virtual Performance

Friday 9th October 2020
4pm - 5pm BST

'let me count the ways' is a live virtual performance hosted by The Modern Institute with London-based artist Alan Kane exclusively for Frieze London Viewing Room 2020. Kane will be performing for the duration of the digital event, involving a classic arcade amusement: the claw machine.

Alan Kane’s practice blurs the boundary between artist and viewer, challenging the hierarchy that privileges certain artistic forms over others - notably the distinction between high art and more common cultural activity. His practice encompasses photography and installation, all of which frame instances of everyday creativity, at times questioning the relative worth and legitimacy of personal treasures over the contemporary, conceptual objects of the commercial art world. 

Let me count the ways. 
I am very well conditioned against throwing money away. I am not drawn to gambling at all and work hard to not spend more than necessary. However if the notion to pump money into a machine in the futile attempt to ‘win’ a soft toy occurs to me as an art activity it suddenly becomes something unavoidably appealing. By pushing through my hard wired resistances a whole bunch of associations can come into play, among them: a lover trying to win a gift to further his amorous ambitions swills around with avaricious consumption; monotonous, repetitive, endurance performances of great artists like Bruce Nauman etc.; the kitsch and glitter of the seaside arcade. These elements often feed my work and this opportunity from TMI allows me to add profligate money wasting to the mix. You are invited to the transformation.

Alan Kane
Alan Kane (b. 1961, Nottingham) lives and works in London. Selected exhibitions and commissions include: 4 Bed Detached Home of Metal, The New Art Gallery Walsall (2019); Home for Christmas, Tate Britain, London (2017); British Art Show 8, Leeds Art Gallery (touring show, 2015-2017); Punk Shop, Ancient and Modern, London (2013); Home for Orphaned Dishes, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2011); Life Class for Artangel, Channel 4 (2009); The Stratford Hoard as part of TfL's Art on the Underground series, Stratford Station, London (2008).

Please note that this event has now passed.

No RSVP Required.

Held via Zoom. Access HERE

Image Caption: Alan Kane, let me count the ways, 2020, Courtesy of the artist.