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Maurice Boutet de Monvel
Mademoiselle Rose Worms
Hilding Werner
Skymninglandskap över Glafsfjorden - Värmland
Charles Doudelet
Le Détrônement (The Dethronement), 1906
Hyacinth von Wieser
Edgar Leading the Blind Gloucester
Alexander Rothaug
Am Nixenstein (The Water Nymph)
Hans Thoma
Wundervogel, 1917
Willem Van Den Berg
The Vulture, 1930
Rogelio de Egusquiza
Portrait of Josefa da Ocha
Jean-Leon Gerome
The Flight into Egypt (Night), 1897
Hans Thoma
Mainlandschaft: Landscape with a Horseman on the Main, 1890
Antonio Mancini
Suonatrice di mandola, o Il costume giapponsese, 1910
Franz von Stuck
Der Drachentöter (The Dragon Slayer), 1913
Antonio Mancini
Self Portrait with Plate
Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret
Study of a Young Girl in Blue, 1891
Gottlieb Theodor von Kempf-Hartenkampf
Jenseits von Gut und Böse
Firmin Baes
The Spinner, 1905
Mela Muter
Portrait of the Writer Georges Polti
Martinus Rorbye
In the Cloister, Palermo, 1840
Santiago Rusinol
Interior in Sitges with a young Woman Sewing
Constant Troyon
Paysage; étude de bruyères et de genêts (Landscape; study of Heather and Broom)
Charles Revel
L'Avare (The Miser), 1875
Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta
Portrait of Mrs. Clotilde de Cándamo and her Son Carlos, 1874