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Alex Hay
Untitled, 1965
Mel Bochner
Surface Dis/Tension, 1968
Claes Oldenburg
Model, Colossal Monument:Thames Ball, 1967
Dimitrije Bašičević
Homage a Pythagora, 1953
Dimitrije Bašičević
Pythagora, 1951
Dimitrije Bašičević
Pythagoras, 1951
Franz Erhard Walther
Summons One, 1988
Dimitrije Bašičević
Numberconcept Pitagoras, 1977
Hiram Powers
Proserpine, 1849
Hiram Powers
Psyche, 1849
Richard Serra
Elevational Cut, 1970
Thomas Schütte
Die Burg, 1984
Mel Bochner
Surface Dis/Tension (Recursive), 1968
Jan Dibbets
Tollebeek II, 1998
Alternative Attribution
Braucht zwei Personen (Needs Two People), 1988