Issue 44
Jan - Feb 1999

From this issue

Inside Bellagio, Las Vegas

The German slide-show phenomenon

BY Franz Ackermann |

The difficult questions raised by Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful, a comedy set in the Holocaust

Fishtank, Richard Billingham's made-for-TV film, shows his family come to life

Charline von Heyl

The floral tributes of Peter Fischli and David Weiss

Michael Clark's Current/SEE

Garry Gross‘s American Fine Arts exhibition “stirred powerful sentiments about exploitation, decency, sexism and the First Amendment”

BY Ronald Jones |

Honcho, the new magazine of contemporary art

Once upon a time, a curator's principal expertise was limited to hanging shows, eyeballing a painting with a connoisseur's gaze and sagely suggesting that it be re-hung a couple of inches to the left. While there were always notable exceptions, it has only been during the last decade that curatorial practice has been reinvented on a grand scale, and that the curator has been elevated to a kind of cult status

The photography of Sam Taylor-Wood

Miles Coolidge

Marijke van Warmerdam

The cost of creativity

BY Sandy Nairne |

Four Danish directors and their Dogma 95 manifesto