Jason Haam: 'Karma'

3 - 18 November

Jason Haam is pleased to announce Karma, a group exhibition of four Korean painters- Jungwook Kim, Minjung Kim, Mike Lee, and Moka Lee. 

This exhibition is intended to feature works by four important Korean artists: Jungwook Kim, Minjung Kim, Mike Lee and Moka Lee whose works represent the identity of Korean heritage and generational zeitgeist. From the beginning, Jason Haam had set its mission to find and invest in undiscovered Korean talents and let their practices be known to the global audience. Contrary to the highlighted importance on the Korean art market, little has been touched upon by the global arts community about the context of Korean contemporary art. The shared characteristics amongst these artists’ oeuvre provide an exemplary insight to viewers about perspective of a region and voice of a country which is now a significant part of the global contemporary art world.

The word ‘art’ in Korean language contains meaning of a skillset that translates to ‘technique of making beautiful objects’. The four artists in the exhibition are technically accomplished, have unique methodology, and paint with laborious and repetitive layering processes. They lived in different places across the world and times spanning across four decades that result in their works being distinctively different, yet the four artists share traits of conceptual sincerity and sophisticated expressions which make the compiled presentation seemingly dissonant yet karmically coherent at the same time.

Jungwook Kim, Untitled, 2009, 162x130cm, Korean ink on Korean paper.