FAQs | Frieze Viewing Room

Frieze Viewing Room will return with exciting exhibitions from No.9 Cork Street on 4 November 2021, running in parallel with the physical exhibitions at the gallery until 20 November 2020.

What time will Frieze Viewing Room be open to invited guests, Frieze members and public audiences?
Visitors will be able to access Frieze Viewing Room from 11am BST on 4 November 2021

When Does Frieze Viewing Room Close?
Frieze Viewing Room will be open every month to coincide with No.9 Cork Street exhibitions.

How Are The Artworks and Galleries Organised?
Each gallery has their own dedicated Viewing Room where artworks are presented, alongside information on the works and artists. Viewing Rooms, Artworks and Artists can be located through Searching, Filtering and Sorting using the Search icon from the top of any page.   

Where Do I Find The Price Of The Artworks?
The listing of prices is at the discretion of the gallery. All artworks have a ‘price band’ so that they will appear when using Price to filter lists of artworks. However, the gallery also has the choice to either show the price band on the artwork page, display a specific price in any currency or to not display a price at all. 

What Is The ‘Sign the Book’ Feature?
The ‘Sign the Book’ feature informs a gallery that you have visited their viewing room and shares the email address with the gallery that you used to register your account with Frieze, so that the gallery can attempt to contact you.

What Is The ‘Save’ Feature?
The ‘save’ feature can be used for either Viewing Rooms or Artworks. Saved Viewing Rooms and Artworks appear in your Account page, accessed from the menu at the top of every screen, so that you can refer to these lists to assist in navigating Frieze Viewing Room.

What Does The ‘Visited’ Badge On Gallery Thumbnails Mean?
Once you have been to the Viewing Room of a gallery, the thumbnail for this gallery will have the ‘Visited’ badge appear on it so that you can more easily follow which galleries you have and have not yet seen.

How Do I Contact A Gallery Or Make An Enquiry About An Artwork?
To make an enquiry about a specific artwork, navigate to the artwork’s page and select the ‘Get In Touch’ button. The options available to contact the gallery will then be presented. You can ‘Enquire’, to generate an email to the gallery that will include your name and registered email so that the gallery can reply to you directly. If the gallery is online, you will be able to contact them via our Live Chat function on the gallery page. If the gallery has provided a phone number by which they can be contacted, this will also be presented.

Is Frieze Involved In Sales or Transactions?
Frieze is not involved in the sales transactions. Transactions happen directly between the gallery and the collector once they have been put in touch via the inquiry function.