Yuichi Hirako, Yggdrasill / Books, 2023

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About the work

By encompassing paintings, sculptures and installations, Yuichi Hirako deals with significant issues related to humans and nature, the environment and coexistence, with a unique style full of metaphors, symbols and hybrid figurations. The works reflect his connection to deep ecology. 

To embody the narrative aspect of his works, Hirako created a hybrid character, Tree Man. Resembling the human form, it is portrayed as a figure who leisurely spends days living harmoniously with other creatures in the forest. The giant Tree Man in The Regent’s Park could be a portrait of the artist himself or anyone who has a relationship with plants or nature in various ways. It is a collective result of Hirako’s practice and ongoing attempts to change our perspectives of how we see the world. What appears in the park – a place between nature and society, outside and inside – induces us to explore the realm of differing perspectives and emotions.  

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About the artist

Yuichi Hirako (b. 1982, Okayama) lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Encompassing paintings, sculptures and installations, Hirako deals with significant issues related to humans and nature, environment and coexistence with a unique style full of metaphors and symbols in hybrid figurations. His work has been exhibited internationally including solo exhibitions at Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo (2022–23), Gallery Baton, Seoul (2021), The Modern Institute, Glasgow (2023) and Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo (2018). He also participated in exhibitions at Powerlong Museum (2022, 2021), Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (2010), Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo (2013), Museum of Modern Art, Gunma (2010). His work is represented in the collections of Powerlong Museum in China; Lisser Art Museum, AkzoNovel Art Foundation in Netherlands; and Jean Pigozzi Collection in Switzerland. 

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