47 Canal

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From Tuan Andrew Nguyen’s first institutional solo show in the US at the New Museum to Elle Perez’s semi-abstract photographs at 47 Canal

BY Zoë Hopkins |

In his fourth solo exhibition at 47 Canal, New York, the artist turns everyday city objects into enchanting sculptures

BY Peter Brock |

Ellis’s paintings are spring-loaded with overlapping references to film and television, current events, art and cartoons.

BY Andrew Durbin |

Highlights from Condo New York 2018 and Commonwealth and Council at 47 Canal: the summer shows to see

Senior US Editor Andrew Durbin selects his highlights of the shows in the city during Frieze Week

BY Andrew Durbin |

47 Canal, New York, USA  

BY Josephine Graf |

A round-up of the best shows opening during Frieze Week

BY Orit Gat |

Posthumanism, sci-fi novels and technology

BY Domenick Ammirati |

Narratives of scent and material decay

BY Kari Rittenbach |