Arthur Solway

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The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art presents the artist’s first major retrospective in 20 years

BY Arthur Solway | 08 SEP 21

The artist’s first large-scale exhibition in China at the Long Museum, Shanghai, sheds new light on the sublimation of personal history in her work

BY Arthur Solway | 26 NOV 18

At Shanghai's Power Station of Art, a retrospective of the artist's large-scale installation work asking: why are we here? How will we be remembered?

BY Arthur Solway | 10 MAY 18

ShanghART, Shanghai, China

BY Arthur Solway | 04 DEC 17

Fifteen years of innovation at Singapore's STPI print workshops 

BY Arthur Solway | 14 AUG 17

BANK & Arario Gallery, Shanghai, China

BY Arthur Solway | 23 MAR 17

Is the city stepping out of Beijing's shadow as China's art capital?