Chloe Aridjis

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The weightlessness of the iconic film helps alleviate the oppressive pull of reality

BY Chloe Aridjis | 01 JUN 20

A Series on the Senses: Sight

BY Chloe Aridjis | 21 AUG 19

A surprising discovery in the work of Robert Graves unlocks the meaning of the surrealist’s elusive ‘Pig Rush’

BY Chloe Aridjis | 18 JUN 19

The inspirational founder of Germany’s Green Party and her untimely death 

BY Chloe Aridjis | 09 JAN 19

A new film by Josh Appignanesi shot entirely on VHS, creates a portrait of novelist Chloe Aridjis and surrealist Leonora Carrington

BY Jennifer Higgie | 27 SEP 18

Chloe Aridjis recalls taking tea with the great Surrealist in her home in Mexico

BY Chloe Aridjis | 01 OCT 17

The Mexican novelist lists the books that have influenced her

BY Chloe Aridjis | 20 JUN 13