Chris Sharp

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The artist shows us Wilmington, ‘a part of LA that no one ever thinks about’, and reveals how signs, shipping containers and refineries, as well as his awe of James Turrell and the landscapes of John Constable, inspire his paintings

30 JAN 23

At Villa Carmignac, Pourquerolles, the pioneering underwater photographer Jean Painlevé acts as a guiding spirit for a group exhibition that depicts the beguiling strangeness of aquatic life

BY Amy Sherlock | 04 AUG 21

Chris Sharp’s new LA gallery opens with a show of abstract paintings inspired by art-historical movements from impressionism to 1970s performance art

BY Fanny Singer | 23 FEB 21

Fundaçao Serralves, Porto, Portugal

BY Chris Sharp | 01 JUN 10

Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal

BY Chris Sharp | 05 JUN 08