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From Dean Sameshima's vulnerable silhouettes to Danica Lundy's carnal paintings of the female body, here's what not to miss

BY frieze |

The legendary NYC performance artist—showing at Frieze New York with Emalin—reflects on “anti-naturalism” and “Availablism,” and takes an axe to the wall of her apartment

The Executive Director of Printed Matter selects works by Ghada Amer, Christine Sun Kim and legendary New Yorker Kembra Pfahler

In a new show at Emalin, London, the artist invites viewers to reassess their own preconceptions about what constitutes art

BY Phin Jennings |

From models of Southern shacks to burning branches in darkest Poland, Frieze New York has a wealth of work devoted to disputed territories, cultural abandonment and economic despair  

The Petticoat Lane gallery won the Focus Stand Prize at Frieze London 2023. As it takes part in Condo London 2024, its co-founder picks his local highlights

BY Chris Waywell |

Shoreditch-based Emalin is home to emerging artists with strikingly diverse practices. Its gallery team gives a street-eye view of the capital

Ahead of a three-month project in the Rockaways, the London-based artist is thinking about home, time and community

BY Andrew Durbin AND Alvaro Barrington |

The provocative New York performance artist talks about her influences – from surfing to Jack Smith

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The London-based artist introduces her new installation 

Two films show ways of approaching and exorcizing the country's troubled past at Emalin, London, UK

BY Anya Harrison |

Various Small Fires’ ‘timely and conceptual’ presentation of The Harrisons recieves Stand Prize in the Focus section of Frieze London

With her solo show opening at Emalin, the London-based artist shares her favourite works and artists

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