Frieze Talks

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During Frieze Week, No.9 Cork Street will host Frieze London Talks with Simon Fujiwara, Arthur Jafa and Garrett Bradley amongst others

04 OCT 21

Frieze Masters Talks returns in-person at the fair and online from 11-17 October curated by Dr Nicholas Cullinan

27 SEP 21

This year's programme will feature ruangrupa, Jes Fan and Rindon Johnson amongst others

27 SEP 21

Watch conversations with leading artists and authors as part of Frieze New York 2021 Talks program, curated by Amy Zion

13 APR 21

A world of artist projects, performance, talks, non-profits, film and food in the movie-set backlot of Paramount Pictures Studios

30 JAN 20

Curated by Lydia Yee and Matthew McLean, this year’s iteration departs from the Bauhaus’ pioneering approach to interdisciplinarity

17 SEP 19

Talks are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis Friday - Sunday in the Talks Lounge

03 MAY 19

Curator Tom Eccles shares his approach to the Frieze Talks program at Frieze New York 2019

02 MAY 19

Hamza Walker and Josh Kun discuss their Frieze Talks program, getting to know artists through their music collections

24 JAN 19

Launching at LAXART and Frieze Los Angeles 2019, conversations on art and music with Frances Stark, Lauren Halsey and Jim Shaw among others

23 JAN 19

Frieze London 2018 will feature exceptionally ambitious artist projects, live performances, talks and film

20 SEP 18

The program highlights Los Angeles as a place of interdisciplinary experimentation

12 SEP 18

The program takes a literary turn with a focus on some of today’s most searching writers

17 APR 18

Curators Tom Eccles and Amy Zion take a literary theme for 2018

18 JAN 18

Four pioneering female artists in a Frieze Talks panel chaired by Alison M. Gingeras, curator of Sex Work

05 OCT 17

Curator Ralph Rugoff (Hayward Gallery, London) explains the theme and reveals some highlights of Frieze Talks at Frieze London 2017

04 OCT 17

Frieze Talks address the critical issue of open and closed borders

BY Christy Lange | 05 OCT 16

Hear first-hand from the world's most influential artists, curators, musicians and cultural commentators

16 SEP 16

Hal Foster and Ben Lerner discuss criticism, poetry, painting and what it means to despise the thing you love most

BY Hal Foster AND Ben Lerner | 20 AUG 16

Revealing the galleries, curators and a pioneering new section coming to the fair this year

27 JUN 16