Grace Schwindt

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From Toyin Ojih Odutola’s tableaux vivants to a group show dedicated to chest hair, here’s what not to miss during Zurich Art Weekend and Art Basel

BY Angel Lambo |

A new installation at CCA, Glasgow, reflects on capitalism’s failure to protect even the identities it formed

BY ​Hussein Mitha |

The staging of an international art biennial in Anren, China, contained both Potemkinist ambition and Brechtian drama

BY En Liang Khong |

For the 6th Amsterdam Art Weekend, our picks of the best shows and events across the Dutch capital

BY En Liang Khong |

The second part of this week’s Culture Digest looking at performative meals: an evening of operatics with Grace Schwindt

BY Amy Sherlock |

As part of a new series, frieze invites performance artist Grace Schwindt to present a series of images that are important to her

BY Grace Schwindt |

The Showroom, London, UK

BY Matthew McLean |