Greene Naftali

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At Greene Naftali, New York, the shape-shifting collective's new paintings and sculptures reveal the limits of a generational cynicism in 2023

BY Simon Wu | 02 MAR 23

Richard Hawkins on the crucial correspondence between the artist and the psychoanalyst

BY Richard Hawkins | 03 JUN 22

Erica N. Cardwell speaks to the artist about the artist's most recent video Toss (2021) and how her practice is ‘shared from body to body’


BY Steffani Jemison AND Erica N. Cardwell | 17 SEP 21

An exhibition at Greene Naftali, New York, sees the artist prod at our ideas of ease, humour and convenience

BY Olivia Rodrigues | 12 NOV 18

Greene Naftali, New York, USA

BY Eric Sutphin | 29 OCT 16

Looking at recent work of the legendary and elusive California-based artist Lutz Bacher

Greene Naftali Gallery, New York, USA

BY Kristin M. Jones | 02 JUN 09

Greene Naftali, New York, USA

BY Graham T. Beck | 01 APR 09

Greene Naftali, New York, USA

BY Michael Wilson | 10 OCT 02